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Latest news in the construction industry - 04

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Our Advantages on Steel Gabled Structure Industry Construction of Building:
1. Long History and Rich Experience in Steel Structure Industry:
We have more than 19 years' experience with steel structure manufacturing and steel building projects running. During the past 19 years we have done many steel 
structure projects both at home and abroad. Now our projects stand in more than 100 countries around the world.
2. Advanced Equipment and Professional Production Line:
More than 200 well-trained workers running the 20 steel structure production lines all year round to ensure the project finished on time. All equipment is up to 
standard and all the facilities are maintained periodically by professional technicians.
3. Wide Range of Steel Structure Products:
Our products almost include all kinds of steel structure buildings, such as light steel workshops and warehouses, heavy industrial steel structure buildings, steel 
commercial buildings, prefab houses, container houses, steel structure aircraft hangars, space frame and pipe truss roofs, and mining belt conveyor galleries.
4. Solid Design and Management Ability:
We have more than 100 experienced engineers who are familiar with the structure design and management procedures of all steel structure projects. There is a high-
qualified, high-efficiency and professional technical team ready to find best solutions for you at any time.
5. Best Service and Qualified QC Management:
Every one of our marketing managers is

We are the world leader in construction industry for any market that needs strong, reliable gears.
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